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The good stuff is friends only, leave a message and I might let you in. Forgive the lack of entries, I just got this. I will be adding more as time goes on.
Interested in meeting like-minded folk. I am not looking for a guy.


So, I'm really into personal development and I have a longer profile below, but this is the short one.

Open-minded Free-thinker. Ambitious, Independent-minded, Intelligent, Reasonable, Understanding, Wise, Maverick, Take-no-bullshit, Inspiring Introverted INtuive Thinking/ Feeling Perceiver



I'm quite motivated to use this life, not sit passively and let it pass by. I have goals and like to challenge myself and always try to be better then my previous self.

I'm a a 20-something trying to figure out what I am good at and what I want out of life.

Life is not all fun and games, I've realized this - but that's not a bad thing. I am here for 1) meaningfulness 2) to figure out about life as it happens 3) learn lessons from life 3) work toward the things I want to do in my life with the knowledge that not all will come to be and 4) acceptance as opposed to a bunch of cheap thrills. I also realize that I'm not here only to serve myself, we're all in this world together.

I am a constantly evolving person still learning about the world. I tend to think critically about things before I accept things. I have not lived enough to know everything so right here I will claim my ignorance. I also consider both sides before I make opinion, that takes time, so I don't have many dogmatic beliefs.

With many interests, I can talk to just about anyone with some intelligence, but I would rather spend time alone or with a few friends and I am most comfortable when in my home.

Primary Interests

LIVING MINDFULLY * Writing* Learning about and through life ( Personal Evolution and Growth )* Learning * Life *Reason and Critical-thinking * Meaningful work * Wisdom* Intellectual things (see Books) * Friendship * Thought *Giving advice * Good advice * Career and life planning * Nature * Being Outdoors* Intellectual Discussion * Deep Conversation

of course there is more, but who wants to read all of that? :)